“Dance your anger
and your joys,
dance the guns to silence.”

- Ken Saro-Wiwa*

This is a call…
to movement-conscious activists and politically-motivated dervishes;
to rhythm radicals and trance ecologists,
to shamanic social workers and techno eco-therapists,
to rebel ritualisers and deep-democrat drummers,
to spiritual campaigners and dancing anarchists…

This is a call to all the ecstatic earth defenders, the soul subversives and the revolutionary lucid dreamers – and anyone else who feels it…

For some time now an alliance between ecstatic dance and activism has been dreamed, discussed and sporadically attempted… Well, time like all things is moving, and our global situation is intensifying daily.  So this, here-now, is a call – to any and all who hear and feel it – to co-create a new fusion of movement, earth consciousness and engaged action for social and ecological justice.

You are invited to dance with and for the earth and all its peoples. You are invited to dream, on the land, in rhythm, in council circles and on the streets; to grow new ways and actions with awareness of the whole web of life and the presence of all our relations. You are invited to move, indomitably, in the face of the worldly nightmares that we witness, and to help seed new lucid dreams for the present and all our futures.

Let us be clear: dancing will not in or of itself solve the problems of the world. But ecstatic dance as conscious practice does offer awareness, understanding and power. Dancing, movement meditation and shamanic practice re-connect us to our physical bodies, our elemental nature, and the fundamental facts of our inter-connection and dependence on the planet beneath our feet. Dancing takes us deep into the matrix of our consciousness, presenting opportunities to transform our relationship to ‘reality’ and reclaim our personal, social, political, ecological and spiritual sense of empowered agency. Dancing connects us to our joy, our pain, our ecstasy, and the depth of our love. Dancing is both metaphor and manifestation of freedom, it is a way of embodied soul power.

This call-out emerges from the embodied consciousness of the dancefloor and from a dedicated listening to land and sky.

What is Earthdreaming?
Who are we?
What’s the story?
What’s happening? – invitations to dream, dance & act

*Ken Sarowiwa was an Ogoni activist and writer executed by the Nigerian state.
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