Earthdreamer is a medicine name offered to dancers, activists and other dreamers committed to action – of whatever kind – in service of the Earth and all her human and non-human peoples in these times of change and challenge.

The call-out comes from an initial alliance of Earthdreamers from various communities, all of whom hold a commitment to ecstatic dance, shamanic practice and/or ecological, social & political activism in some form.

We envisage Earthdreamers as a fluid network of dancing activists, grounded in the principles of diversity, respect, consensus, non-profit collaboration and the wisdom gathered by other expressions of spiritual activism. We envisage co-creating gatherings, actions and other initiatives, facilitated by various individuals and groups bringing core skills to the space. We also envisage finding connections and communication between different communities and individuals who are already engaged in their own ways and forms of ‘earthdreaming

Who are we? The call-out was launched by a core group of initial Earthdreamers. But if it resonates with you, and you are ready to dream, to move and to act, then ‘we’ are ‘you’

‘Under the ground the Earthdreamers lie, dreaming, waiting to wake at the sound of the drum and the call of the sun; waiting to dance, to drum, to sing and move on the land; ready to reclaim their power; ready to work for the dreams of the Earth.’